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When Elinor McGrath decided she wanted to be a veterinarian, the world told her no. It was 1907, and that job was not considered suitable for women. Even after she was accepted into veterinary school, the 137 male students in her class made it clear she was not welcome. Yet despite constant criticism, Elinor persevered. She could see that the future was changing and was determined to show the world of veterinary medicine that accepting women wasn't the only change the profession needed.

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“Elinor’s irrepressible spirit is an inspiration, and the attractive artwork captures her exuberance and determination in a soft watercolor style. The perfect intro to an unusual life that young animal lovers are bound to appreciate.” -



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The Doggy Doctor and the Upset Tummy was released November 2020. Not your typical picture book, this story gives children a behind-the-scenes view of veterinary medicine and shows them what happens when a dog bites off more than he can chew.

Reviews for The Doggy Doctor and The Upset Tummy

"This book is an incredible sneak peek inside our daily lives as veterinarians and will undoubtedly inspire the next generation of doggy doctors"

Dr. Susan O'Brien, DVM


"Beautifully written."

Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, DVM

Author of "All Dogs Go to Kevin",

Editor/Publisher at

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